Create Quote Line Items, Update Quote – Learning Flow 2.C

Part 2.C of the Learning Flow series will allow you to create the Quote Line Items and Update the Quote.  To start, open the Quote Line Item Flow.

From the Palette, click 0n Fast Create and drag it to the right of the aQRU Assignment Element.  Enter the Name and Unique Name as fcQLI, for Fast Create Line Item, and set the Variable as socvQLI.

Quote Line Item Flow fcQLI

Click OK.  Connect the aQRU Assignment Element to the fcQLI Fast Create Element.

Quote Line Item Flow aQRU To fcQLI

This will create all the sovQLI variables stored in the socvQLI Collection Variable.  Now you need to update the Quote with the Roll Up field.  Click on Palette and drag the Fast Update Element to the right of the fcQLI Element.  For the Name and the Unique Name, enter fuQuote for Fast Update Quote, and enter the Variable as sovQuote.

Quote Line Item Flow fuQuote

Click OK.  Connect the fcQLI Fast Create Element to the fuQuote Fast Update Element.

Quote Line Item Flow fcQLI To fuQuote

Save your Flow.

Quote Line Item Flow v3

That’s it!  One of the shorter lessons, the Fast Create Element will create everything in the collection and the Fast Update Element will update the Quote!  Congrats, your Users have now created a Quote and created the Quote Line Items.  A future lesson, Learning Flow 4.A will teach you how to use Sub-Flows to send your Users to create the Quote Line Items when they start with the Quote Entry Flow!

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