Create Approval Process in the Approval Process Flow – Learning Flow 3.B

With the Step Elements entered, it’s time to create the actual Flow.  Open the QLI Approval Process Flow.

Click on the Resources Tab in the left section and double click on SObject Variable.  Enter sovQLI as the Unique Name, the Input/Output Type as Input and Output, and the Object Type as QuoteLineItem.

Approval Process sovQLI

Click OK.  Click on Resources again and then double click on Formula.  For the Unique Name, enter fDiscount, Value Data Type as Number, Scale as 2, and the Formula should be, “{!sovQLI.UnitPrice}/{!sovQLI.List_Price__c}”.

Approval Process Discount Formula

Click OK.

You might be wondering, I see a {!sovQLI.ListPrice}.  Although this is true, since you are looking at the Quote Line Item before it is created, the {!sovQLI.ListPrice} hasn’t been entered yet.  It is also a field that is part of the Product.ListPrice, so it doesn’t translate very well with Flows.  Since you created the List_Price field earlier and assigned the List Price of the Price Book Entry, this does two things for you.  First (and most importantly), you can use the List_Price field in this Flow.  Second, it saves the history of the List Price, so if the List Price changes in the future, you’ll know what the List Price of the Quote Line Item was at the time of creation. Continue reading

Planning the Approval Process Visually – Learning Flow 3.A

Planning a Flow is a very important piece of creating Flows.  So far, you’ve been learning from what the posts tell you to do.  What about new Flows where you need to plan out a process?  Well, the Step Element will allow you to plan out your Flows!  You can’t activate a Flow with a Step element, but it will allow you to plan it out to make sure you are entering all the Flow steps needed to create a successful Flow!

Open the Quote Line Item Flow.  From the Palette, click on the Step Element in the Draft Tools section.  Drag it to the left of the aQRU Assignment Element.  Enter the Name and Unique Name as sAP for Step Approval Process.  Enter in the Description, This step will loop through the Quote Line Items to be able to see what level of Approval is Needed.

Quote Line Item sAP

Click OK.  Click on the Step Element in the Palette again and drag it above the sAP Step Element.  For the Name and Unique Name enter sAAP for Step Assign Approval Process.  For the Description enter, This will assign the proper approval on the Quote for Approval Processes. Continue reading