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Technology has changed the way that we do business today. It has allowed companies to operate more efficiently, manage their business with precision, and connect with customers around the globe. I believe that the technology revolution is just beginning and we will continue to see technology change the way we do business, communicate, and live our lives.

Customers are more educated today than any other time in history. This means that businesses have to rethink how they market to customers, sell to customers, and continue to support their customers. I believe that because of this change, each company and person must continually improve in order to stay competitive.

I believe that the companies that embrace this change will use technology to get ahead and beat their competition. With consumer access to technology and information at an all time high, we must continually refine our craft to cut through the noise and educate customers on how technology can help them succeed in this global economy.

I believe it’s time to let technology work for us so we can do better work. I believe that sales and marketing needs to step up their game to stay current. I believe that the best is yet to come.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek, How great leaders inspire action, TedX

“If you communicate an idea in a way that resonates, change will happen, and you can change the world.” – Nancy Duarte, The secret structure of great talks, TedX

I am a technology nut with a passion for business. I enjoy starting things and seeing things grow. I’m excited to change the world.

Rich Englhard
Husband, Father, Golfer, Tech Nut

Rich Englhard

Salesforce Certified Administrator
Salesforce Certified Developer
Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant

Salesforce Certified Salesforce AdministratorSalesforce Certified Salesforce DeveloperSalesforce Certified Pardot Consultant

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